Our company was set up in 1959 by Mr. F. José Montesinos, a craftsman jeweler of recognized prestige. Due to the huge concentration of ligthting and furniture manufacturers in Valencia, the creations of Mr. F. José Montesinos were soon focused to these sectors.
Through all these years we have earned experience, we have been in permanent contact to the market trends and we have adapted our processes and human resources to the technological changes, always preserving the craft quality of our products. Nowdays, we are glad to offer you our know how by responding to your specific requirements.
Our products are specially conceived to be fitted in furniture, lightting fixtures, sanitary ware, fashion complements, hardware, funerary ware... that is, to any creation where design and distinction are essential components.





    We would like to inform you that in December we will be close for Christmas Holidays from 24th December until 3rd January 2016, both inclusive. We will be back Monday 4th of January 2016.

    With our best regards,

    F. José Montesinos, S.A.